The Declaration of Alma-Ata Has no Legal Force. Armenag Aprahamian

  • by Western Armenia, May 02, 2024 in National Council

The Chairman of the National Council of Western Armenia, Armenag Aprahamian, gave an interview to the correspondent of Western Armenia TV.

During the interview, Armenag Aprahamian talked about the rights of Artsakh people, their nativeness and the challenges of Western Armenia. Speaking about his activities, Armenag Aprahamian noted that he thinks that  his main task is to protect the rights of the indigenous Armenian nation in all aspects.

To the question  what does it mean to be a native, Armenag Aprahamian he  said that the main aspects are human rights, including the issue of genocide committed against Armenians in Western Armenia, as well as the effective protection of culture, language and intellectual property of the native Armenian nation.

Speaking from Alma Ata's declaration, the Chairman of the National Council of Western Armenia emphasized once again that the documents on the creation of the CIS, including the 1991 December 21, Alma Ata's declaration, from the point of view of international law, cannot be considered in any way as an agreement that some territories are Baku.

The interview is available on the YouTube page of Western Armenia TV.