The Hero of Artsakh, Leonid Azgaldyan

  • by Western Armenia, June 21, 2024 in National Council

In 1992, on June 21  Leonid Azgaldyan, the hero of Artsakh, was the victim of  shooting near Tonashen village of Martakert region.

Leonid Azgaldyan, physicist, military figure, hero of the Artsakh Liberation War.

He was born in 1942 in Tiflis, in the family of Ruben Azgaldyan, who moved from Kamo.

In 1947- 1959 studied  in Yerevan school named Mravyan.

In 1960, he studied at Lomonosov  Moscow State University, Faculty of Phisics, and later   he   went to  the relevant faculty of Yerevan State University and excellently graduated it  with a degree in radiophysics.

Worked in various fields of national economy, 

dealt with planning methodology and management system automation problems   and 

on issues of automated systems of scientific studies.

 Worked in the computing center of the State Plan in different periods.

He held positions in the Scientific and Production Association of Laser Technology,positions of the head of the system programming and computer engineering department of the Yerevan branch of the "Energia" research and production association and the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Atomic Power Plants.

From the beginning of the Karabakh movement, Azgaldyan, as a leading military figure, took part in the national liberation struggle, had an active role in protecting the nation's  values ​​and dignity.

From February 1990, he led the command of the "Independence Army", organized the self-defense of a number of regions, especially Vardenis , take part in liberation battles, including, especially, the first attack in Newvadi; and after the bloody provocation of the station and Sovetashen on May 27, planned and implemented the obstruction of the penetration of Soviet punitive troops into Yerevan.

In 1991 June, together with Hovsep Hovsepyan, he created the "Liberation Army" military organization in order to give new force  to the Artsakh liberation war  which, if only in the sense of coordinating the efforts of Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora, was a new quality in the chain of movements dedicated to the Armenian people's struggle for existence and whose chief commander remained until the end of his life.