We Should Always Express Thoughts in Such Words that Primarily Refer to “Reappropriation” of Our Rights and Values.  Armenag Aprahamian

  • by Western Armenia, June 26, 2024 in National Council

“We Should Always Express Thoughts in Such Words that Primarily Refer to “Reappropriation” of our rights, on reappropriation of our territories, identity, status, culture and all those values that made us exist as a Nation for millenniums”, said Mr. Armenag Aprahamian, the President  of the National Council of the Republic of Western Armenia, during the meeting-discussion of the 8th anniversary of the ratification of the Treaty of Sevres. According to him, the liberation of the Artsakh territory is fundamental for the restoration of the Republic of Western Armenia. There was a lack of territory for the Republic of Western Armenia, and this territory, which is symbolic from the point of view of resistance, started  with the liberation of Shushi. During the first war of Artsakh, we felt moments of sacrifice and glory.

By liberating Artsakh, we were able to regain the National Council of Western Armenia and then the Armenian Legion in Shushi. Our dedication allowed us to liberate the territory and regain the state of Western Armenia.” emphasized Mr. Armenag Aprahamian and continued,  “In order to regain  and strengthen this state, which was recognized by more than 20 countries, it was necessary to make an official declaration, create representatives who would represent Western Armenia all over the world, and would  regain  the government”.

Aprahamian emphasizes that a government was created, which was located in Yerevan and Shushi, being able to form and manage  the re-appropriation mechanisms.

“We created the parliament of Western Armenia and worked for more than two and a half years to create the national constitution.

Based on the constitution of the Republic of Western Armenia, we elected the first president of the regained  Western Armenia state. You can imagine all these way, and this daily work…”

To be continued…