Clarification for public

  • by Éditeur, January 20, 2016 in National Council
02 03 On Saturday, 1/16/2016 Under the direction of His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II Karim, Patriarch of Antioch and the rest of the world of the Syriac Orthodox. It was at exactly three o'clock in the afternoon meeting at St. Jackoub Nasibbini of the Syriac Orthodox Church in the city of Qamishli, the meeting included representatives of all churches, parties , gatherings, Protection Office(Sootoro), and some independent figures who had met over four days continuously before the arrival of His Holiness and issued with each other a "working-paper" included all the suffering of the Christian component of abuses by the so-called "self-management" and developed understandings of our people and the demands of Christians. The meeting was held with elders of Al- Hasaka province, which includes the Council of Arab tribal leaders and Kurdish representatives and the political wing (TEVDM) system of "self-management", during the meeting the paper was delivered to the delegation in the presence of representatives from everyone, including liaison officer assigned by the Syrian government. After the delivery of the paper miniature of a delegation from the Senate, who said in front of everyone that he is charged to negotiate this delegations, they said that the demands are right and they will go to meet with political leaders and security of "self-management". In about five and a half from the same day the delegation Senate returned with the general in charge of the Kurdish "Asayish" ,and accompanying delegation with him , to meet again in the church hall until the entry of His Holiness. According to protocols the start of the speech was about the need to remove all injustice, because the existing people in the province of Al-Hasaka have the right to a decent living, with the necessity to prevent sedition among all the components, and the punishment of the mistaken. With the entry of His Holiness the meeting, he welcomed all attendees ,also he talked about the co-existence and the necessity to unite efforts to maintain the integrity of our beloved country "Syria", and the need to remove the injustice of any component or group(All of the elders in the talk shared this view). The General in charge of "Asayish" told that sinned will be held accountable, and that everyone must prevent sedition, he also said (in the presence of His Holiness Patriarch which represents all Syrians)that all mistakes will be resolved and removed with his promise to resolve all the obstacles. To speak after that the liaison officer he thanked everyone for understanding the need to work together to defeat terrorism and to maintain free fromit ,also the conservatism with respect for all the components and their right to co-existence that preserves their dignity, the officer also noted the role of the Syrian Arab Army , the Sootoro forces, and units of the Kurdish protection in repelling terrorists and defeat them. To be after the entry of media outlets to take statements from everyone and to be determined on Sunday 17/01/2016 (today) the start date of work across the competent committees to reach solutions raised in the working paper. We thank His Holiness, who in turn blessed the work of the Christian committee that represents all spectrum of the Christian churches ,parties ,and gatherings. which he instructed her with the need to continue working to achieve all the good of our people. We as an office Protection (Sootoro) affirm that we were and always will be in the service of our people ,ensure their safty, and we will work as determined by this committee for the good of this people.