General Assembly 2023 of Armenian Veterans 

  • by Western Armenia, March 14, 2023 in Events

The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Veterans and Resistance Fighters of Armenian Origin  was held in Cannes, France on March 11, 2023. 

The meeting was attended by Armenak Abrahamyan, President of the National Council of Western Armenia, Lidia Margosyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Western Armenia, Alexandra Martin, MP for Alpes-Maritime, Mayor of Moan Sartoux, representatives of the municipalities of Grasse, Cannes, Le Canne Léo Cannet Rocheville, Mandelieu-la-Naples, Antibes and a number of people from the field of freedom struggle. 

Jan Ghazarosyan began his speech by thanking Albert Juenbekchyan, the second president of the Association of Combatants and French-Armenian Resistance Fighters. Before the opening of the meeting, the participants honored the memory of the victims with a minute of silence.

In her speech, MP Alexandra Martin expressed her commitment to the rights of Armenians.

At the end of her speech, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Western Armenia Lidia Margosyan presented Alexandra Martin with the title of honorary citizen of the Republic of Western Armenia. 

Foreign Minister Margosyan praised the commitment of Armenians to their rights and the work of the deputies and senators on the resolution they voted for. 

Ms. Margosyan added that the 2020 war against the indigenous population of Artsakh and the siege of 120,000 people were part of the genocide plans that began in 1894 and that a lasting peace agreement cannot be achieved without taking into account the rights that Armenia gained in 1920, especially Western Armenia.

President of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan presented the situation in Artsakh and Western Armenia after the earthquake. Then the moral and financial reports were presented, which were unanimously adopted.

The plenary session ended with speeches by representatives of the regional municipalities and the presentation of three military awards.

Armenak Abrahamyan and Jean Ghazarosyan, President of the National Council of Western Armenia, to Jean-Claude Dupont, Vice President of the Mandelieu-la-Napol Department of the United Nations National Council, to Mark Durst, President of the Moujon Armenian Veterans Friendship Association and the French Memorial Department, and to Colonel Michel Georgelly, President of the Cannes National Warriors' Association.