Ambassador Guillermo Karamanyan Was Invited to the Writers’ Union of Buenos Aires

  • by Western Armenia, May 07, 2024 in Government

In the Republic of Argentina, the Ambassador of the Republic of Western Armenia, Guillermo Karamanyan, was invited to the Writers' Union of Buenos Aires.

The Ambassador was invited to give a speech at the closing of the annual meeting of writers under the slogan "Dialogues with the Moon".

In his speech, Guillermo Karamanyan presented the territory of Western Armenia, where the indigenous Armenian population has been living for thousands of years.

Speaking about Western Armenia, the ambassador noted that Western Armenia is a State of Armenia from the point of view of international public law, which was recognized by more than 30 countries in 1920, and this recognition has legal force today.

"The Republic of Western Armenia is the continuation of that state. This native Armenian people is subjected to the attacks by  azerbaijan and Turkey," noted the Ambassador.

You can watch the speech of the Ambassador Guillermo Karamanyan, on the website of Western Armenia TV.