The 22nd Session of the Governing  Council of the Republic of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, July 09, 2024 in Government

On 8 July, the 22nd session of the Governing  Council of the  Republic of Western Armenia  was held.  President of  the Republic of Western  Armenia, Mrs. Lydia Margossian gave an opening  speech.

Greeting the attendees,  she referred to the 17th session of the United Nations dedicated to the expert mechanisms on the rights of indigenous peoples. Mrs. Lydia Margossian and the delegation of the Republic of Western Armenia led by the President, Armenag Aprahamian took part in that session.

Mrs. President  gave an importance to President Armenag Aprahamian’s speech at the UN,  where Mr. President highlighted the fact that all the  speeches they made  received a wide  response  from the UN member states and  from  Baku delegation.

She also reminded that President Armenag Aprahamian was the first who “opened the doors of the UN for  us in order to represent our rights as indigenous people”.

 President Armenag Aprahamian continued the session who spoke about their participation in the WIPO meeting to be held on July 11 during which the delegation of the Republic of Western Armenia will present the “road map” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Western Armenia.

President Armenag Aprahamian reminded us that the Vardavar holiday, as it is organized in Eastern Armenia, does not correspond to our national traditions.

Water does not exist for ancient Armenians to water or sprinkle; water is a genetic source of life that cannot be used in any useless way.

Water is also a substance that has special properties.

Here we clearly see the falsification  of our traditional knowledge and, above all, the lack of respect  to  water-poor populations.

We are very far from the values ​​of Hays, from huge  nonsense, which in no way correspond to our old traditions and our traditional knowledge.

Ministers and members of the government gave speeches during the session.  A number of issues on the agenda were also discussed.