The Speech of Guillermo Karamanyan, Ambassador of the Republic of Western Armenia to the Republic of Argentina

  • by Western Armenia, June 05, 2024 in Government

 Buenos Aires, June 2, 2024

We all know very well that the Republic of Western Armenia is a state for global geopolitics, which, after being recognized by the world in 1920, appears on the international arena and throws the invented geopolitical order into crisis.

The world's most powerful countries will commit to honoring that recognition and confronting geopolitical allies such as Turkey and Azerbaijan to protect the Armenian people, who have no immediate tangible economic interests.

These officials who threaten Armenian national interests are negotiating with the enemies of the Motherland. They have decided to choose the native people of Western Armenia as their main opponent, that is, all of us, instead of treating us as indivisible friends.

The goal of the Embassy of the Republic of Western Armenia in Argentina is very ambitious. We do not stop at the formalities of its constitution and aim to write one of the most glorious pages in the history of Armenia

trying together with all the authorities of the Republic of Western Armenia to create an Armenian revolution in the consciousness of every Armenian and in every community,

 so that the entire Armenian Diaspora will stand up and, completing the Republic of Western Armenia, provide adequate means to realize and lead the Armenian myth of the 21st century, which should be the restoration of our ancestral lands.

Dr. Guillermo A. Karamanyan

Ambassador of the Republic of Western Armenia to the Republic of Argentina,