The Speech of the Speaker of the Government of the Republic of Western Armenia 

  • by Western Armenia, June 08, 2024 in Government

On June 8, the speaker  of the Government of the Republic of Western Armenia, Armenuhi Sahakyan,  presented  the most important events of the previous week within the framework of the Government of the Republic of   Western Armenia.

In her speech, the speaker referred to the speech "On the Parliamentary Intervention" made by the President of the Republic of Western Armenia, Mrs. Lydia Margossian, "in connection with the need to celebrate the First Republic Day, citing the words of the President ; the Armenian "Day of the First State" was not adopted on May 28, 1918 that was announced by the declaration, which has no value in international law, but from December 29, 1917, the day of the recognition of the independence of Western Armenia by Russian decree.

In her  speech, the speaker referred to the  activities that the President Mr. Armenag Aprahamian,  is carrying out  who shares  with the issues of protection of genetic resources and the rights of displaced people from Artsakh at the United Nations , in particular, saying: "Mr. Armenag Aprahamian continues to struggle  for justice, taking significant steps and applying to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of displaced residents of Shushi."

This process involves thorough preparation and collection of substantial evidence, a deep understanding of ethnic cleansing, genocide and international human rights law.

Mr. President's  application aims to create the issue of protection of displaced persons, thereby not only solving the immediate needs of displaced natives, but also strengthening the global framework for the protection of human rights, starting with the genocide against native Armenians in Western Armenia.

And, despite the long and often difficult legal processes, Mr. Aprahamian continues to exert his enduring efforts, thus not only demonstrating his commitment to the Republic of Western Armenia, but also a beacon of hope for both Armenians around the world and the people forcibly displaced in recent years."

In her speech, the Speaker of the Government also spoke about the speeches made at the sessions of the Western Armenian Government and the National Assembly, the speeches of Vardan Simonyan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Western Armenia, and Guillermo Karamanyan, Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Armenia to Argentina.

Mrs. Sahakian also spoke about the 2nd session of the 3rd convocation of the National Assembly of the Armenian National Assembly held on June 3.