The Speech of Vardan Simonyan, Vice-Minister of Foreign  Affairs of the  Republic of Western Armenian

  • by Western Armenia, June 04, 2024 in Government

First of all, I would like to thank the presidents for their trust in me.

As the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, my mission is to protect, first of all, the interests of Western Armenia, as well as the interests of Armenians around the world.

Armenians living in foreign countries are the descendants of the survivors of the genocide committed against Armenians by the Turks. They are scattered around the world, which ultimately makes our nation great.

 We've received feedback from around the globe to support us

Artsakh, as well as recommendations to participate together in the revival of our nation.


I want to awaken the feeling of patriotism in everyone and return them to their roots. 

We are proud to belong to Western Armenia

 and making our voices heard everywhere.

Here I want to congratulate our president for the tremendous work he has done to create all this.  We owe him a lot for Western Armenia.

There are our lands and our rights. This is why we talked with the president about the work we did in the embassies.

The embassies that recognized the genocide committed against our people should 

understand that any recognition of a crime requires compensation for victims and losses.

We must encourage design 

groups of young people who can also bring their ideas and their enthusiasm.

MOUNT ARARAT is ours, it will always be ours, and there will come a day when that meeting will take place.

And, in conclusion, I would like to talk to you for a moment about Palestine, who are also fighting for their homeland, and that we must recognize the right of Palestine to freedom and independence.