National Council of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, February 13, 2019 in National Council

There are provocations in Javakhk which are aimed at sharpening fragile inter-ethnic relations and distracting foreigners living in Georgia from their national and civil issues. This does not contribute to the creation of a harmonious atmosphere in the country and the normal development of the country.

The National Council of Western Armenia is deeply concerned by such manifestations and asks authorities to be sober․

With the push of third powers there were held in Tbilisi different demonstrations with the unlawful demand to dismantle that statue. The essence of the claim is that the “murderer who killed Azeris” can not have a statue in a country where Azeris also live.

This refers to the statue of Mikayel Avagyan which has been recently reopened in the village of Bhughashen in the Akhalkalaki region. Mikayel Avagyan was a freedom fighter and deserved son of Armenian nation.

He was a member of Meghri spying unit, an intelligent fighter, who fought in the battlefield, not against the peaceful population. Azerbaijanis spread a fake information that Mikayel Avagyan fought against Georgians in Abkhazia. But he could not  be in Abkhazia and fight against georgians in the “M. Baghramyan” battalion, as he participated in the military operations in other areas, which had nothing to do with the Georgians. Some forces try to politicize intentionally this issue. The Turkish-Azerbaijani occupational policy does not stem from the interests of neither the country nor the Armenians.

The problem is that some miserable and destructive forces need to spread enmity among the multinational Georgian society in order to gain some benefit, and it seems there are certain geopolitical interests here. This has provoked the anger of all Armenians because the demand is miserable and illegal. The installation of the statue is not directed against the Azeris at all.  Armenians have always wanted to have normal neighboring relations, and our struggle is fair and has a tendency to protect our legitimate rights and the homeland that is accepted throughout the international community.


National Council of Western Armenia