On December 28, President Armenak Abrahamyan will answer the questions of our compatriots

  • by Western Armenia, December 25, 2023 in Official

The  President of Western Armenia, Armenak Abrahamyan, will make a speech at the end of the year on December 28,

You being  a part of Western Armenia,  can also direct your questions to the president.To ensure a smooth and organized Q&A, please send your questions to  the Facebook page of WesternArmenia TV. The period of  submitting questions will run from December 25 to December 27 and will end at 6:00 p.m.Please take into account  that at the beginning of each question it is necessary to indicate your full name, place of residence, profession.

The questions should be brief and clear. The question-and-answer will be broadcast on the state television channel of Western Armenia, giving viewers the opportunity to communicate directly with the president.