On May 9, Western Armenia Celebrates the Constitution Day

  • by Western Armenia, May 08, 2024 in Official

On May 9, is  the  Constitution Day of the Republic of Western Armenia which is of central importance in the state calendar of Western Armenia.

May 9 is a really important day for Armenians, because that day is celebrated  Russia's victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, the liberation of Shushi in 1992, and the adoption of the National Constitution of the Republic of Western Armenia in 2016.

January 19 expresses our will and determination to have an independent state and is essentially the birthday of our state, while May 9 is about what our state is, or should be.

The Constitution is about the general and strategic ideas about the state, about the functioning of the key mechanisms of the state, about the rights and responsibilities of a person and a citizen.

The essence and spirit of the Constitution of the Republic of Western Armenia are two highest values: state and man, and constitutionality is the expression of harmony and unity of these two values.

The Constitution is the main guarantor of the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen, and at the same time, the claimant of realizing the individual duty of each of us, because rights, freedoms and independence are first of all the highest responsibility.