14th Session of the National Assembly of Western  Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, March 20, 2024 in Parliament

On March 20, on the Skype online platform the 14th session of the 3rd convocation of the National Assembly of Western Armenia was held.

During the session, Mr. Armenag Aprahamian, the first President of the Republic of Western Armenian made an opening speech.

He congratulated the citizens of Western Armenia and the indigenous Armenian population on the occasion of New Year, which this year  is celebrated on March 20.

The session was continued by Mrs. Nelly Harutyunyan, Chairperson  of the National Assembly, and presented  the law adopted by the National Assembly on Artsakh's indigeneity and becoming   a part of Western Armenia and expressed that the deputies of the Armenian National Assembly of Western Armenia should state their position should express their position on  Tavush, our compatriots related to the process of cutting them from their cradle and their roots.

 Armenag  Aprahamian posted a  material that confirms both our indigeneity and our rights.

The current subject  was to pay tribute to our martyrs on April 24 and 27, in  Tsitserakaberd memorial. A number of current and agenda issues were also discussed.