A 15th  Session of the National Assembly of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, April 03, 2024 in Parliament

On April 3, on the Skype online platform, the 15th session of the National Assembly of the  National Assembly of Western Armenian  was held, during which the first president of the Republic of Western Armenia, Mr. Armenag Aprahamian, made an opening speech. He spoke about the importance of adopting the draft Law to be discussed during the session.

During the session, the chairperson of the NA Ms. Nelly Harutyunyan once again reminded on the draft of the new Law, which was presented by the Government of the Republic of Western Armenia During the session the draft was discussed in detail.

The drafts of the law were put to the vote, as a result, the laws were adopted and approved by the National Assembly by  the absolute majority of the votes of the deputies present at the session. They also discussed the events planned and to be held for April. An agenda issue were also discussed in the session.   

Mr. Armenag Aprahamian summarized the session.

He thanked the deputies for their active participation, for the adoption of the much-needed laws.

Mr. President in his speech specifically mentioned that "For the Armenian Nation and Armenia in this critical period, it is important to make pro-Armenian and pro-patriotic decisions and to adopt  laws, which are an important factor for the progress of statehood."

"Today we talked about our laws and homeland.

We will do everything to protect our statehood and homeland, the rights of our Armenian people.The fact that we were able to unite and make important decisions in this short time shows that we are on the right path. We need to expand our influence."