A Regular Session of the Republic of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, March 07, 2024 in Parliament

On March 6, on the online platform, the regular session of the 3rd convocation of the National Assembly of  Western Armenia took place.

Armenag Aprahamian, the first President of the Republic of Western Armenian  made an opening speech during the session. As the President of the Republic of Western Armenia he presented the procedures  of the  court cases against Baku opened by him.

The session was continued by the Chairperson of the National Assembly Nelly Harutyunyan, who presented to the addition   the internal regulations of the National Assembly, which were approved by the deputies.

During the session,  the procedure for preparing and presenting plans  were presented, which as a final result can be presented to a  fund. Alma Ata's declaration was chosen as the current topic. A number of current and agenda issues were  discussed, too.