Election campaign of the NA of the Republic of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, March 15, 2023 in Parliament

The debates of the candidates for the parliamentary elections of Western Armenia have started on Western Armenia TV, in which 4 candidates from the region of Valencia, most of the exiled Armenians and the actual Armenians of the Republic of Armenia, from different regions of "our country" in Western Armenia, from Mush, Van, Kharberd, participate. The Armenians of the present Republic of Armenia came from different regions of "our country" in Western Armenia, from Mush, Van, Kharberd, Tigranakert, Malatya, Sebastia, Erzurum, Bitlis, which are now occupied by Turkey.

This former territory of Armenia is claimed by the government of Western Armenia, representing the ethnic Armenian people, which is confirmed by the most important document on the right to our lands, the Treaty of Sevres signed by the states in 1920.

The parliamentary elections in Western Armenia will end on December 23, in which more than 110 candidates are participating. In order to become a deputy, 80 votes are required, but the application process has already been completed.

On March 9, at 19:00, the Parliament of Western Armenia held a debate with the current president and MP candidate Armenag Aprahamian. Among the candidates for the parliamentary elections, 4 people represented the region of Valence (Drôme): Khosrov Iliozer, Simon Melkonyan, Hovhannes Manukyan and Grigor Amirzayan. These four candidates, as well as George Eretsyan, a citizen of Western Armenia, participated in the debate broadcast on the Zoom channel at the headquarters of the "Armenia" cultural association in Bourg-les-Valence.

It was a very open debate with many questions and explanations