Regular Session of the National Assembly of Western Armenia 

  • by Western Armenia, May 29, 2024 in Parliament

On May 29, on the online platform of Skype, the regular session of the National Assembly of Armenia was held. Armenag Aprahamian, the chairman of the National Council of Western Armenia, made an opening speech at the session, who emphasized the holding of the III convocation of the National Assembly, the second plenary session and the issues of having a position on a number of issues to be discussed.

The Chairwoman  Nelly Harutyunyan presented the issues of the agenda of the session, presenting to the MPs the questions related to the third convocation of the National Assembly of the Armenian National Assembly to be held on June 2, the zoom  meeting broadcast during the second plenary session, and the completion of the same day's agenda.

At the end of the session, a number of agenda and current issues were discussed.