Vote For the   List of Future Deputies of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, December 13, 2023 in Parliament

Vote for the list of future deputies of Western Armenia

(legislative elections of 2023)

The Electoral Commission of the Parliament of the Republic of Western Armenia presents below the official list of candidates for the 2023 legislative elections of the Parliament of Western Armenia.

You are invited  to participate in the elections for  future parliament of the Republic of Western Armenia. All you have to do is to fill out the requested form and apply.

Confirmation of your choice, "For, against, or I abstain" and duly completed form will be done by clicճking on the final button "Send".

You can only check this from the list "for, or against or abstain". Any other choice will be invalid.

Under these conditions, you support or reject the list of candidates.

The voting form will be open from December 8, ( at 08:00 until December 15, 2023.(at 22:00).մասնակցեք-արեւմտեան-հայաստանի-խորհր/принять-участие-в-выборах-в-парламент/