Armenag Aprahamian’s  Struggle for  Justice on the  Forcibly Displaced Residents of Artsakh

  • by Western Armenia, June 04, 2024 in Presidential Council

The historical city of Shushi in the region of the Artsakh Republic became the focal point of the recent war between the indigenous peoples of Artsakh and Azerbaijan which were  mentioned   by brutal violence and destruction and caused to forced displacement of many Armenian residents, loss of property, livelihoods, and severe psychological problems.

This process involves thorough preparation, gathering of  substantial evidence, and a deep understanding of ethnic cleansing, genocide, and international human rights law.

Armenag Aprahamian's application aims to create a precedent for the protection of displaced persons during similar conflicts.

With this, Aprahamian not only solves the immediate needs of the exiles, but also strengthens the global framework for the protection of human rights, starting with the genocide against the Armenians in Western Armenia.

Despite lengthy and often difficult legal processes, he continues his enduring efforts, which are not only an  evidence  to his dedication, but also show that he is a beacon of hope for people who have lost their homes and livelihoods due to war.