Speech of the  President of the Republic of Western Armenia,  Lydia Margossian

  • by Western Armenia, June 03, 2024 in Presidential Council

Parliamentary intervention by Lydia Margossian at the session of June 2, 2024.

About the necessity of the Western Armenia State.Taking into account the fact  the situation that our people are living in, the absolute priority of each of us should be the strengthening of the state of Western Armenia through its structures.

The Armenian nation had a state that was recognized by the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers in 1920 at the end of the First World War.

Therefore, it is incomprehensible and unacceptable to celebrate May 28 as the anniversary of the Republic of Armenia, as the "first Republic", when it was a declaration of sovereignty, a declaration with no value in international law, signed in Tiflis on May 30, which surrendered  some Armenian regions. . The first state to be recognized as independent was Western Armenia, on December 29, 1917 by Russia.

Celebrating May 28 is serious in more ways than one, but the seriousness and unacceptability are further strengthened when it turns out that, on the one hand, the members of Dashnaktsutyun made this statement to the detriment of the Western state of Armenia, which was under occupation.

In 1918, on June 4,  the turkish army and on the other hand the members of this same party were negotiating for the 12,000 km2 of the Armenian Republic of the Caucasus  to  transfer Zangezur, Artsakh, Lori regions and half of Lake Sevan to azerbaijan.

Today, in 2024, 106 years after that fact, the Batumi plan is disguised as a peace plan that violates our territorial integrity and the rights of our nation.

We dispute it, we condemn it in the same way that Zoravar Andranik did in his time.

Western Armenia does not accept that illegal territories are transferred to Azerbaijan and Turkey, and that is why I ratified the law regarding our territories.

The state of Western Armenia is 160,000 km2, and according to our Constitution, of which I am the guarantor, I will protect our territorial integrity.

There is no small or big Armenia, there is an Armenia recognized by international law, which is the Armenia of 1920, whose continuing state is Western Armenia, and there is only one date of independence, which is January 19.

Our national reconstruction has been in effect since 2004, the day of the constitution of the National Council of Western Armenia in Shushi.

Our national reconstruction has been in place since 2011 under the constitution of the government of Western Armenia.

We have just celebrated the 11th anniversary of the formation of the Parliament of Western Armenia and we are happy to include among the deputies those parliamentarians and deputies who raise the flag of Western Armenia in occupied Western Armenia.

Nothing and no one can alienate the Armenian nation from its national reorganization and strengthening of the state structure.

Despite historical falsification, despite discrimination, despite racism, no one will be able to remove Armenians from the desire to become citizens of the Republic of Western Armenia.

From the diaspora status to which the Armenian nation was deliberately subjected, the state of Western Armenia gives the descendants of all Armenians who survived the genocide against the Armenians the opportunity to become citizens of their state and defend their rights in their land.

Due to our state structure, we were able to ratify the Treaty of Sevres on June 24, 2016, and in about twenty days we will celebrate the 8th anniversary of its ratification.

Due  to our state structure, we are restoring diplomatic ties with the states, and here I warmly thank the entire diplomatic corps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Western Armenia, which is engaged in the activities of Western Armenia

Due  to our state structure, the Republic of Western Armenia establishes legal principles, and in particular, the principle of nationality, which should regulate the definition of borders.

We remember that the legal issue of border demarcation and demarcation with Azerbaijan is not the responsibility of the Republic of Armenia, but of the Republic of Western Armenia.

Artsakh has been a part of Armenia since 1920, and the continuity is Western Armenia.

At present, peace is possible only under the condition of respect for international law, including, among other things, the implementation of Article 92 of the Treaty of Sevres, the withdrawal of Azerbaijan from its occupied territories, and the release of Armenian prisoners in Azerbaijan.

Peace cannot be based on crimes and genocides

The diplomatic conference, in which the representatives of the State of Western Armenia just participated in Geneva, clearly shows the importance of the protection of its intellectual property for each state. Having the status of indigenous people, the Armenians of Western Armenia also protected their genetic resources, traditional knowledge and cultural expressions.

This 20-year negotiation has allowed the representatives of Western Armenia to publicize the unique richness of the heritage of Western Armenia and to contribute to the signing of a fairer treaty regarding the rights of the indigenous peoples

Dear compatriots, we will continue to protect our rights and take ownership of our future history. Our reconstruction will be from one nation united around the state of Western Armenia.

Thank you