Press Release of the Government of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, May 26, 2023 in Official

Following the recent developments on the territory of Artsakh, the Government of the Republic of Western Armenia recalls that Artsakh is an integral part of Armenia recognized in 1920 of which Western Armenia is the continuation state. 

In this case and on the basis of its internationally recognized status, only the State of Western Armenia has the legal legitimacy to decide on any matter within its territory.

It should also be noted that the wars and genocidal programs perpetrated continuously against the Armenian nation for more than 100 years as well as the treaties and resolutions (Treaty of Alexandropol of December 2, 1920, Treaty of Moscow of March 16, 1921, Treaty of Kars of October 20, 1921, Treaty or Agreement of Angora of October 20, 1921,  Treaty of Lausanne of 24 July 1923, Political Resolution on the Armenian Question of the European Parliament of 18 June 1987...), had and have no other intention than to attempt to annul the Treaty of Sèvres. 

The prospect of the signing of a so-called new peace treaty between Azerbaijan and the Republic of (Eastern) Armenia is also part of this agenda of annihilation of the rights already obtained internationally by the Armenian nation.

The intention is also to legitimize borders established without an international legal basis at the time of the Soviet Union (Alma Ata Declaration) to officially establish sovereignty for Azerbaijan as well as for the Republic of Armenia (Eastern) and to formalize the partition of Stalin and Mustapha Kemal.

However, the only relevant peace treaty relating to the Armenian nation already exists, it is that of the International Peace Treaty of Sèvres which must find its exequatur in particular with regard to the Armenian chapter in the application of the arbitration award of Woodrow Wilson and the definition of the eastern border of Armenia in accordance with Article 92 of the said treaty.

It should be recalled that the Government of the Republic of Armenia (Eastern) has no legal legitimacy to decide on the future of the Armenian indigenous nation in Artsakh. 

In this case, the recent declarations on the status of Artsakh emanating from the Republic of (Eastern) Armenia are considered null and void by Western Armenia.

The occupation of the territory of Artsakh and the genocide of its indigenous population is only the consequence of forgetting, indifference, falsification and denial of the rights of Western Armenians who suffered and continue to suffer occupation and genocide.

In the continuation of the work undertaken by His Excellency Boghos Nubar, Western Armenia will continue yesterday and today for its part to work in accordance with the fundamental interests of the Armenian nation and to represent its people with dignity, even within the framework of the mandate already conferred on it by a large part of the population of Artsakh, including that of Shushi the Armenian.

Western Armenia will continue to defend the rights of the Armenian nation in international forums as it has done for more than 17 years and will continue its work of national reconstitution. 

The Government of Western Armenia informs in particular that the trials against Azerbaijan in connection with the 2020 war of aggression are ongoing and will inform the nation of future developments related thereto.

The work of dignity of the Armenian nation will not be done without Western Armenia, whose rights of its nation have been flouted for too long and unjustly, and will not derogate from the principle of indigeneity of its nation and its fundamental rights in accordance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Lydia Margossian

Spokesperson of the Government of the Republic of Western Armenia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Western Armenia.

May 24, 2023