Statement of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, July 28, 2023 in Official

The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Western Armenia has announced that presidential elections will be held in January 2024. Citizens of Western Armenia who are aged 35 or older but not exceeding 80, and who have been citizens of the Republic of Western Armenia for at least ten years, are eligible to participate in the elections. The deadline for applications was July 15, 2023. As of that day, the Central Electoral Commission has received only one application. The applicant is Seda Melikyan, the current Prime Minister of Western Armenia. Seda Melikyan has been a citizen of Western Armenia since 2008. She was born in 1946, has a higher education, and more than 50 years of work experience, including extensive experience as a politician. The required documents have been submitted along with the application.