The First President of the Republic of Western Armenia at the Government Meeting Has Summarized the Results of His Visit to Yerevan 

  • by Western Armenia, January 23, 2024 in Official

On January 20 and 21, the elections of the President of Western Armenia and the elections of the chairperson  of the National Assembly took place. The first president of Western Armenia, Armenak Abrahamian, talked about the elections with the correspondent of Western Armenia TV.

During the conversation Armenak Abrahamian mentioned that they have many plans to implement.

Armenak Abrahamian noted as follows; 

- The citizens of Western Armenia are joining us because we have a lot of work   to do. I will urge to talk on the concept of “state” at the highest level. We keep  the clear vision formed by Western Armenia, we continue to work.

The interview of the first president of Western Armenia, Armenak Abrahamian, is available on the YouTube page of Western Armenia TV.