The President of the Republic of Western Armenia at the Yerablur Pantheon

  • by Western Armenia, May 09, 2023 in Official

The Yerkrapahs have existed since the exactions of Sultan Abdul Hamid II against the Armenian civilian population.

Closer to home, on May 8, 1993, the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union was established with the aim of uniting the fighting forces in the sacred work of protecting the homeland. And today, within the framework of Yerkhapah Day, a delegation of Western Armenia, led by President Armenag Abrahamian, visited the Military Pantheon in Yerablur to pay tribute to their contribution to the liberation of the homeland at different times, to the memory of the warriors who lost their lives, paying homage to the fighters of ASALA, to General Andranik and to the fighters of the last war in Artsakh.

 The leaders of Western Armenia always honor the memory of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the motherland, as they first took up arms in order to continue the liberation struggle. President Armenag Abrahamian who is the 44th official member of the Yerkrapahs also met with his comrades-in-arms and the leaders of the Yerkapah Volunteer Union.