Vahan Setyan | Indigenous Genocide and Culturecide Indigenous Health and Economic Development

  • by Éditeur, December 18, 2019 in National Council


Vahan Setyan It is year 2019 and the genocide and ethnocide of the Indigenous rages on. From economic destruction, to social chaos to healthcare failures, this massacre continues to destroy the Indigenous across United States and Canada. Healthcare disparities, poverty, language, culture and heritage destruction weave this web of chaos. Indigenous healthcare is an obvious failure, reflecting the perpetual greed and incompetence of both federal and tribal governments, utilizing Indian Health Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Food and Drug Administration and the pharmaceutical sector as vehicles of destruction.

The Indigenous are being poisoned physically, mentally and spiritually, and to be forever erased from memory. Who remembers today the forced sterilization efforts toward Indigenous women, enthusiastically promoted by our government and healthcare organizations only 30 years ago?

We, as a nation, are experiencing a gradual death sentence of our Indigenous brothers and sisters, while standing on their ancestral lands that have been stolen from them. We, as a nation, are experiencing a loss of monumental value, looking at a sacred segment of humanity being destroyed. It is high time for healthcare innovation and technological advances come to their rescue, to help them be saved from their healthcare system that is anything but. The Native American healthcare is a system of elimination. Saving the Indigenous from destruction and elevating it to the heights of progress and triumph is everyone triumph…humanity’s triumph.

Silence and indifference to this chaos is same as being an accomplice to the destruction itself. Education, awareness, advocacy, collaboration, comradeship and a helping hand are key initiatives that have the potential to stop this ongoing and relentless genocide and ethnocide – to stop this siren of a National and Global Emergency that seems to escape many, silenced by politics, red tape and indifference.

These human beings are being destroyed right in our backyard and we are letting it continue. It is our duty to come together to rescue these people from destruction, and the resources we have are more than enough to extinguish this blaze. We cannot let them down. They have suffered enough. Remember, Columbus did not discover America. He invaded it and destroyed it, and if we look around us, Indigenous Country continues to be destroyed. Let us stop this ongoing genocide and ethnocide…for the love of humanity.