Republic of Western Armenia has a new president

  • by Western Armenia, January 20, 2024 in Official

On January 20, 2024 The first President of the Republic of Western Armenia, Armenak Vrezhi Abrahamian, has terminated his  powers of the President of the Republic.

The reason of terminating the powers is that the same person cannot be elected president of the Republic of Western Armenia more than twice consecutively.

During his speech, Armenak Abrahamian noted that he struggled  for a united Armenia during his administration.

" Armenians  are  native and will remain  native. The shortest way to come near to Western Armenia is due to this idea.

They tried to annihilate  Armenians because of their nativeness. Today, our nation  is recognized by the majority number of UN member states.

Armenians lived in the territories: from Kesab to Artsakh," said the first president of the Republic of Western Armenia.

Armenak Abrahamian also emphasized about the activity of Western Armenians in the UN's department of indigenous peoples : "We decided to protect our rights through the UN so that the states will support  us to establish our rights."

After the speech of Armenak Abrahamyan , the deputies of National Assembly  elected the new president of the Republic. The only nominated candidate for the nomination for presidency was Lydia Markosyan, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Armenian Democratic Republic.

In  a result of voting, Lidia Markosyan was elected as the second president of the Republic of Western Armenia among 62 deputies; As a result of voting: 0 against, 5 abstentions, 45 in favor:

Then, according to the law, the newly elected President Lidia Markosyan sword  that she will unconditionally fulfill the requirements of the Constitution, which include: the  respect of human and citizen's rights and freedoms, to  ensure the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and security of the Republic.