What is happening now in Western Armenia, Artsakh, RA is under the responsibility of the Armenians of the whole world

  • by Western Armenia, April 18, 2022 in Official

On Western Armenia TV, the President of the Western Republic of Armenia, Armenag Aprahamian, spoke about the consequences of the genocide carried out in Western Armenia against indigenous Armenians, the denial of which and non-fulfillment of compensation in 2020 led to a number of war crimes committed during the Artsakh War by the Azerbaijani-Turkish army, and the massacre of civilians. 

Mr. Aprahamian noted that the year 1915, marked as the beginning of the genocide, pogroms, reminded that in fact the human massacre began in the late 1800s in Sasun, Van and other areas. Referring to the "peace treaty" being discussed by Armenia and Azerbaijan, he said that today Azerbaijan is following an aggressive path, moving along the Batumi Treaty, and in the case when this treaty has no force, on the basis of which Azerbaijan has "opened an appetite", but if this continues, the genocide will again be with physical and serious territorial losses. Those political forces that have abandoned the issue of Western Armenia are now responsible for the state of Artsakh.