16 Children from Artsakh Became Victims of Military Aggression against Artsakh

  • by Western Armenia, April 05, 2024 in Politics

Journalist Alvard Grigoryan reports that 16 children from Artsakh became victims of military aggression against Artsakh.

They died in the wars of 2016, 2020, 2023. Several dozen more children were injured.  

All this is recorded in details in many reports, appeals, statements of Armenian human rights defenders addressed to the world community, with attached facts and photos and videos.

"The first victim in every war are  always  children. In April 2016, the first innocent victim was 12-year-old Vagharshak who died ftom  the Azerbaijani rockets fired at the school.

In the autumn war of 2023, the first victims of Azerbaijani aggression were the 10- and 8-year-old brothers Mikael and Nver Ghazaryan. These and many other children were killed or injured by enemy rocket fire on schools, kindergartens and residential areas.

Every 10-year-old child from Artsakh has the right to say that in his life he saw three wars, went through a total blockade, underwent a brutal deportation and miraculously survived the genocide.

The world is indifferent to the war and the many innocent victims of Artsakh. It also turned out that no Geneva convention applies to Turkish-Azerbaijani policy, and international structures prefer double standards.The world did not react in any way to the death of children, what can I say about the murdered women and old people."