40 PACE parliamentarians called on Azerbaijan to immediately stop the blockade of the Berdzor road

  • by Western Armenia, May 08, 2023 in Politics

40 PACE parliamentarians issued a statement in which they called on Azerbaijan to immediately end the blockade of the Berdzor road and respect the decisions of the ECHR and the United Nations International Court.

In the statement, the lawmakers note that Azerbaijan, by closing Artsakh, the only road connecting the Syunik region, the Berdzor road, has violated the tripartite agreement of November 9, 2020 and created serious humanitarian consequences for 120,000 local residents.

“We demand that Azerbaijan comply with the decision of the International Court of Justice, which obliges to ensure unimpeded two-way traffic along the Berdzor road. We demand Azerbaijan to end the illegal blockade of the Berdzor road and restore the free movement of people and goods. We call on Azerbaijan to conscientiously cooperate with international structures and allow fact-finding visits to Artsakh,” the deputies wrote.

The authorities of Western Armenia recall that the Armenian declaration signed on November 9, 2020 is only one facet of a broader program of dismantling the Armenian state, therefore, they consider the checkpoint on the Berdzer road, as well as the occupation of Artsakh regions and destruction of cultural values as illegal.

It should be also recalled that at the request of the refugees of the occupied city of Shushi, Western Armenia has filed a lawsuit against the Azerbaijani aggressor on the issues of protection of the rights of refugees and Artsakh.