A Turkish Party is being Opened in Yerevan

  • by Western Armenia, May 20, 2024 in Politics

It was planned to open a Turkish party in the city of Yerevan, behind which stands Natalia Aleksanyan, who lives in Turkey and is better known by the commercial name Tatevik. This lady was engaged in trade in the market of Malatya, then she was a so-called oppositionist, she got into some kind of contact with the Turk and started to make pro-Turkish propaganda.

Natalya Aleksanyan cooperates with Roma Nazaryan, who was previously a member of the "Enlightened Armenia" party, then was the vice-chairman of the Mger Armenia party.

The inaugural meeting of the given party was supposed to take place a few days ago, but Artur Chakhoyan submitted an application to the NSS, sounded the alarm that they were trying to create a Turkish party, the NSS responded to this, and the Marriott Hotel also responded and refused to hold the session in the hotel. .