Adam Schiff and 47 Congressmen Call on the USA to Protect the Armenian Cultural Heritage of Artsakh 

  • by Western Armenia, June 26, 2024 in Politics

United States Congressman Adam Schiff and his congressional  members of 47 group  colleagues has addressed  a letter  to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and urged the US to protect  the endangered Armenian heritage sites in Artsakh during all subsequent diplomatic communications with Baku officials. 

In particular, the letter also states that there is an evidence  that shows  Baku’s military attack against Artsakh in September 2023.

Baku  continues its strategy of erasing Armenian culture both in this region and beyond the region. The executive bodies  emphasized that the State Department should do everything to prevent Baku’s actions.

The letter emphasizes the systematic destruction of Armenian heritage  took place in Nakhijevan in 1997-2011, 

as well as the recent destruction of the Church of St. Hovhannes Mkrtich in Shushi  (also known as the Green Hour). It is also stated in the message that Baku has often tried to cover up the destruction of Armenian cultural heritage. Baku  calls   the  activities as  “reconstruction” of “historical” sites, as well as erasing Armenian heritage, claiming that the sites are of “Caucasian Albanian” origin.

“Around 500 Armenian cultural heritage constructions  are at risk:

After the ethnic cleansing in Artsakh carried out  by Baku,

including the world’s oldest churches and monasteries which date back to the 4th century, and carved khachkars, which were included by UNESCO in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity,”  is said in the letter.