Almost a Week Later the News On  the Signing of the Treaty of Sèvres  Reaches  Armenia 

  • by Western Armenia, June 20, 2024 in Politics

 The News On  the Signing of the Treaty of Sèvres reaches Armenia almost a week later

The news of the signing of the Treaty of Sevres reaches Armenia almost a week later. On August 19, “Haraj”  newspaper wrote in its editorial that “August 10 should remain a historical date in the history of the world and especially in the history of the  East”.

The treaty was emphasized not only with the creation of a great Armenian state, but also with the hope that the kemals would soon weaken as well.

Although a few days ago, painful incidents happened in Zangezur.  The Bolsheviks killed Vahan Khorenu and Arshak Sirunyan, who were the  deputies of the Armenian Republic of the Caucasus, however, the government was trying  to ensure the holiday mood as much as possible.

And on August 19 in Yerevan, although the occupied capital was officially  Erzurum (Karin) and  the signing of the Treaty of Sevres was  celebrated with great ceremony.

The city, as during the previous holidays, was decorated with tricolor flags and carpets.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, the troops were lined up and the band was playing. Arrived  General Hakhverdyan, General Nazarbekyan, Silikyan, and Ruben Ter-Minasyan and Hamo Ohanjanyan, assistant to the military minister.

Ambassadors and military attachés of various countries were also present at the event.

Addressing the soldiers and citizens, Ohanjanyan says that very soon the Armenian dream will finally become a reality.