“Ankara Cannot be a Mediator in the Armenian-azerbaijani negotiations.” Mitath Celikpalan

  • by Western Armenia, May 17, 2024 in Politics

"Kadir-Has" University professor Mitat Çelikpala expressed his opinion on the process of the Yerevan-Baku relations settlement to the Turkish opposition newspaper "Cumhuriyet".

Chelikpara formulated his observations about the process by giving evaluations about the recent Mirzoyan-Bayramov meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Turkish professor, first presenting the covered and non-covered aspects of the meeting, noted that the existing differences between the two countries were not resolved, then emphasized that the meeting was ineffective.

According to Çelikpala, the meeting in Almaty did not differ in any way from the previous bilateral negotiations held with the mediation of Germany, because in both cases the meeting ended without the signing of the document, that is, without the signing of the peace treaty.

In this context, he touched upon the possibility of Ankara's mediating role in the process of Yerevan-Baku relations, categorically excluding it.

The turkish professor explained the belief by the fact that the peace process is turning into a civil-political process, which, however, Baku is trying to prevent and solve the problems through bilateral meetings with Yerevan.

In addition, he emphasized that the signing of the agreement could be until the end of summer 2024, before the convening of the United Nations (UN) COP29, the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, in Baku in November.

"Azerbaijan attaches importance to it (holding of COP29 in Baku). I assume that they would not want there to be a big mess before the initiative or something that would upset the regional balance.

Therefore, I think that if the negotiation process is a little longer, an agreement will be signed between the parties," the Turkish professor added.