“Ankara Uses Threats of Invasion of Baku as Leverage against Yerevan”: Aykan Severn

  • by Western Armenia, May 24, 2024 in Politics

The journalist of Bianet.org website, Aykan Sever, gave an interview to one of the news platforms of Eastern Armenia, where he referred to the Armenian-Turkish relations.

Aykan Sever stated that he does not consider the settlement of Ankara-Yerevan relations to be realistic, because both the ruling class alliance and the state bureaucracy in Turkey have been considering neo-Ottoman imperialism expansionism as a strategy for the past 15 years.

The journalist emphasized that in this context, for Ankara, the neighboring peoples and countries have the maximum value of the status of subjects.

The importance of Yerevan for Ankara is that it is seen as a strategic transition point for the implementation of imperialist policy towards Central Asia.

The coercion brought to the agenda under the name "Zangezur  Corridor" is the image of this.

According to Aykan Severn, the future of Armenia-Turkey relations depends more on the course of the Third World War and its repercussions on the region than on the mutual steps of these two countries.

To the journalist's question whether Ankara deliberately does not want to regulate relations with Yerevan or are there other reasons?

Aykan Sever answered:

"Ankara is using Baku's invasion threats against Yerevan as leverage and will continue to do so. Unfortunately, there is not enough democratic opposition within the country to be able to change that line.

Another thing I should mention is that especially politicians cannot be trusted in Turkey. It is useful to remember the pragmatic saying symbolized by the saying of Demirel (former Prime Minister of Turkey, President Süleyman Demirel), one of the famous politicians of Turkey. "Yesterday is yesterday, today is today."   The importance of bars and written documents has always been secondary in the political life of Turkey," said Aykan Severn.

Western Armenia TV reminds that the other day, the former prime minister of Turkey, the leader of the opposition party "Apaga" Ahmet Davutoglu stated that Turkey "did the right thing" in supporting Baku during the 44-day war in Artsakh, but at the same time he noted that Turkey, however, should regulate relations with Armenia: