Armenia can be cut off from the regional infrastructures under the direction of the USA. Zakharova

  • by Western Armenia, November 15, 2023 in Politics

Outside the framework of the tripartite agreements, under the direction of the USA and the EU, Armenia takes a serious risk and may be cut off from the regional infrastructure. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, announced this during the briefing. "The USA and the EU act as guarantors in many places, but in few places they manage to do something good and positive." Often they promise a lot, do little, and use the situation exclusively for their own purposes. Hatred of Russia is on their agenda, anti-Russian steps are a road map for them," said Maria Zakharova.

According to him, the USA and the EU are indifferent to the future of the countries of the region. Their goal is to pit everyone against each other.