“Armenian Defense Act” draft was submitted to the US House of Representatives

  • by Western Armenia, February 10, 2024 in Politics

On February 8, Democratic Congressmen Frank Pallon younger and Gabe Ammon together with  

 Together with Republican Congressmen Mike Lawler and Gus Bilirakis,  presented the  "Armenia Defense Act"  to the US House of Representatives which is proposed

 to suspend the repeal authority of the Resolution number 907 of the LIBERTY Support Act. This is informed by the American-Armenian structures.

Resolution 907 declares, that the United States "cannot provide funds to the government of Azerbaijan, unless the President prescribes and reports to Congress that Azerbaijan is taking  steps to end all blockades and other  forces against Armenia and Artsakh."

After 11, the administration was able to temporarily suspend this resolution to exempt Azerbaijan from the provisions of Resolution 907. This legislation was introduced when

The legislative act was introduced when the Senate submitted the S.3000 draft by voting also known as Armenian Defense Act, led by Democrat Senator Gary Peters and Republican Senator Marco Rubio.