Armenian Students of Constantinople  Victims of National Discrimination

  • by Western Armenia, June 14, 2024 in Politics

In the course of the inter-school sports tournament held at the "Beyoglu Anadolu" school in  Constantinople, the representatives of the Armenian educational complex were insulted with manifestations of national discrimination.

In particular, during the football match between the Armenian school "Getronagan" and the Turkish schools (ITU Mesleki" and "Teknik Anadolu Lisesi"), the spectators chanted "migrants out".

According to the information of the "Agos" daily published in Constantinople, the situation was settled with the intervention of teachers and staff, and the students of the school continued to participate in the tournament games.

It should be noted that the "Getronagan" Armenian school, founded in 1886, has made a great contribution to the educational life of Istanbul for many years.

It  turned into an educational center for Armenians.