Armenians and Occupied Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, May 29, 2024 in Politics

Armenians in occupied Western Armenia represent a multi-layered community, including Armenian missionaries, Catholics, Evangelicals, generations of Muslimized and secret Armenians, Hamshen Armenians, as well as labor migrants who left for Western Armenia from Eastern Armenia.

Despite the current complex realities and dangerous trends, the Armenians of Western Armenia, being indigenous people, continue to preserve their identity and potential in scientific, cultural, political, economic and other fields.

The main challenges faced by the Armenians of occupied Western Armenia are the assimilation tendencies, the weakening of community institutions, the complications related to the return of confiscated church property, the preservation of the Armenian historical and cultural heritage, in the case of emigrants from Eastern Armenia, the risk of possible deportation, etc.

Despite all this, the Armenians of Western Armenia still have a certain scientific, cultural, economic and political potential, which can be aimed both at solving the problems of the local Armenians, and in the case of deepening the relations between Western Armenia and Armenians living abroad and normalizing the relations between Western Armenia and Eastern Armenia, two To promote cooperation between Armenia.