Azerbaijan Releases 32 Armenian Soldiers

  • by Western Armenia, December 08, 2023 in Politics

Armenia releases 2 Azerbaijanis, Baku releases 32 Armenian servicemen, said in  the joint statement of the office of the Prime Minister of Eastern Armenia and the administration of the head of Baku.However, the names of the released servicemen have not yet been published, as well as about the date of their return. According to the Azerbaijani APA agency, the persons being returned to Eastern Armenia in 2020 during anti-terrorist measures carried out in the direction of Hadrut in December. The  6 people were arrested at the border at different times and have already carried most of their punishment .Among them  there is no any detained former officials of was reported that Azerbaijan forces took control of the last two remaining Armenian villages in the Hadrut region, Hin Tagher and Khtsaberd, capturing 64 reservists.Some of them were returned to Baku, and 26 are still being held in Azerbaijani prisons, having been sentenced to up to six years in prison on various charges.According to human rights activists, 55 Armenians, 41 prisoners of war, 8 representatives of the former leadership of Artsakh and 6 civilians are currently being held by Azerbaijan.The two departments that issued the statement note that Armenia and Azerbaijan agree that there is a historic opportunity to achieve the long-awaited peace in the region.The two states reaffirm their intention to regulate relations and reach a peace treaty based on respect for the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.As a result of negotiations between the office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia and the administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, an agreement was reached on taking tangible steps in the direction of building trust between the two states.Guided by humanitarian values, and as a manifestation of goodwill, the Republic of Azerbaijan releases 32 Armenian servicemen.The Republic of Armenia, in its turn, guided by humanitarian values ​​and as a manifestation of goodwill, releases 2 Azerbaijani servicemen," the statement reports.