Azerbaijanis  in the Voskepar Village  

  • by Western Armenia, April 29, 2024 in Politics

Photo by Lusine Hakobyan

Residents of Voskepar say that azerbaijanis  appeared near the church of Voskepar.

The villagers stated that azerbaijanis were there, they and planned some activities, they cut trees.

One of the reasons for the villagers' concern is that the border guard troops of Baku are border guards only in name, but in reality they are the azerbaijani army with the same military equipment, just in different clothes.

At any moment, the so-called border guard azerbaijanis, from a much better position and with a better status, can launch an attack and in a matter of minutes, any settlement will come under their control.

Also, some news platforms write that they have received information that the azerbaijanis have advanced in the Voskepar sector. Western Armenia TV is trying to verify this information.