Baku Authorities Made Accusations against Yerevan

  • by Western Armenia, May 30, 2024 in Politics

Baku authorities, to turn things upside down in their typical style, used Yerevan to  transfer four villages to make new accusations against Eastern Armenia.

Thus, on May 29, the State Border Service of Baku organized a tour for the press representatives with extraordinary haste.

Less than a few hours after the start of the tour, the Baku media already reported about "Armenian vandalism".

We saw with our own eyes the vandalism carried out by the Armenians and the destroyed houses in the village," report an azerbaijan  journalists.

Let's remind that during the Soviet years, azerbaijanis lived in the territory of the Armenian SSR, and we are talking about the houses in the border zone, which were destroyed by  azerbaijanis in the 90s.

Having unleashed aggression, azerbaijan now accuses Armenia of its own crimes.