Baku believes that almost all residents of Armenia and Artsakh are subject to the same “accusation” and “arrest” as the kidnapped Vagif Khachatryan

  • by Western Armenia, August 01, 2023 in Politics

Former MP Arman Tatoyan wrote:

Isn't it clear that for Azerbaijan, almost all residents of Armenia and Artsakh carry the same "charge" and are subject to "arrest" as Vagif Khachatryan, 68, from Artsakh, who was kidnapped yesterday from the Hakari bridge? 

In this case, even a person who was transported to Armenia for treatment by the car of the International Committee of the Red Cross has been kidnapped. These are the "goods" of the recognition of "Azerbaijani territories" and therefore of their jurisdiction.

We used to warn of these problems only with facts. How are each of us, our families, going to protect ourselves from these troubles and crimes? Where are those who blame media terrorism and false pacifists, who bury Azerbaijan's violations for the sake of being elected? 

Is there nothing to say in these situations? The government of Western Armenia is well aware of Baku's false and irresponsible statements. According to the Red Cross charter, the Red Cross could not undertake the transfer of the sick citizen Vagif Khachatryan from Artsakh to Yerevan without prior agreement. But what is Baku's promise worth? Not only does Baku fail to respect international law and accepted norms, but having no value system based on its own culture that would make it respect its own word, it easily advances down the path of deceit and lies, spreading false news. But all will be revealed and punished sooner or later.