Baku Continues to Copy

  • by Western Armenia, May 02, 2024 in Politics

In Baku, on May 1, the building of "West azerbaijan Television" was opened in the community of the same name. The occupying power of Baku continues to copy the ideas and history of Western Armenia.

"Community" MP Aziz Alekberli declared that they are struggling  to ensure the peaceful and safe return of azerbaijanis to their native lands.

Azerbaijan, which was declared a state on May 27, 1918, talks about the origin. It should be noted that the supposed native territory is not located in the territory of Armenia at all. It is located in Persia.

It is appropriate to remind Azerbaijanis that the term "azerbaijan" of Persian origin became the official name of the democratic Islamic state formed as a result of the split of the Russian Empire in 1918.

Before that, the term "azerbaijan" exclusively referred to the historical territory of Shahan Iran. It is for this reason that the Persian government appeals the newly independent country's use of the name of the azerbaijani territory, which is an inseparable part of historical Iran, which itself represents the latter's territorial claims to that territory. The occupiers are used to making history by stealing.