Baku Declares That the Constitution of Eastern Armenia Must be Changed in Order To Establish  Peace 

  • by Western Armenia, July 08, 2024 in Politics

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Baku stated that the Constitution of Eastern Armenia still contains territorial claims against Baku and for complete peace this factor must be eliminated.

At the same time, Bayramov emphasized that "the number of open questions related to the peace treaty has decreased significantly". Baku announced earlier that from the very beginning of the discussion of the draft peace agreement, they called on the Armenian side to "put an end to the encroachments on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Baku which are present in the Constitution, various laws and decisions". Baku, in particular, considers the Declaration of Independence mentioned in the Constitution as problematic, in which there is a reference to the unification of Armenia and Artsakh.

The Armenian side has repeatedly stated that the amendment of in Law is an internal affairs  of Eastern Armenia, and Baku cannot make such a demand in connection with the signing of the peace treaty.