Baku Desires  to Impose Alexandropol II on Armenia. Argishti Kiviryan

  • by Western Armenia, April 04, 2024 in Politics

“ Baku jntends  to impose Alexandropol II on Armenia, turning it into a country to be dependang on  Turkey”. Political analyst Argishti Kiviryan said this during a meeting with journalists.

According to him, Baku's goal is to take the entire Eastern Armenia under legal control and get the opportunity to control security issues, and that is much more dangerous than seizing a few villages.

"When Russia leaves the region, Turkey will come here, partly in the “face”  of Baku, bug not the  West," Kiviryan is convinced.

He noted that Baku's handwriting does not change, it exerts pressure, creates tension, leads the matter to clashes, tries to blame the opponent in order to seize new positions.

According to Kiviryan, the old world   has collapsed, so anyone who manages ,takes  it until the new world   is formed.

The expert cited the examples of Syria, Ukraine, and Palestine. "Armenia should have been ready for such scenarios," the expert summed up.The bloody events of Western Armenia were not a lesson for Eastern Armenia.The shameful contract of Alexandropol was not a lesson for Armenians.

There will be no “saviors”, in order to have a United Armenia state, we must rely  on our unity.