Baku Destroys the Armenian Heritage in Arcakh. EurasiaNet

  • by Western Armenia, June 01, 2024 in Politics

EurasiaNet writes: In his article titled "Baku destroys Armenian heritage in Karabakh with a bulldozer".
"Since the fall of last year, when the takeover of Artsakh was completed, Baku has taken rapid steps to restore key parts of the region, clearly seeking to remove any vestiges of Armenian influence.

 Transformation goes beyond just changing the names of settlements. The capital of Artsakh, for example, was called Stepanakert in Soviet times, but now it has been renamed Khankendi.

New satellite images show the widespread destruction of Armenian homes, Armenian churches and other significant cultural sites.

One of the most drastic changes in Stepanakert is the destruction of an entire neighborhood and a bus station.

The demolished area is located near the former Artsakh State University, which has now been renamed "University of Artsakh". Another major example of destruction is the Armenian village called Karin Tak near the city of Shushi, which was apparently completely bulldozed. Satellite images show that personal belongings inside some of the private homes marked for demolition have been thrown out like trash.

Armenian churches, cemeteries and Orthodox Christian religious symbols are under the devastating attack of the Baku authorities. Documented cases of demolition of Armenian places of worship were recorded in Shushi and Berdzor. In the same way, the statues and monuments related to the Armenian heritage were destroyed.

In any case, the demolition efforts of azerbaijan contradict the International Criminal Court ruling in November, which required Baku, citing Baku's obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, to take all necessary measures to prevent and punish acts of vandalism and desecration affecting Armenian cultural heritage, says  the article.