Baku Has Become Active Again

  • by Western Armenia, April 01, 2024 in Politics

Baku recalled the statement of November 9, noting that after 2020, Eastern Armenia supplied arms to Artsakh.

Moreover, Baku "accuses" Eastern Armenia of creating a defensive line on its borders after 2020, "from which offensive operations can be carried out."

The sudden update of Baku's memory shows that the ground on which Aliyev's "victory" was built is not wavering at all, it is not ground at all.

There are no legal grounds to justify the occupation of Artsakh and the displacement of 100 percent of the population. Baku complains that it did not receive support from Brussels and Washington when "Azerbaijani lands were occupied for 30 years".

Now France has a defense treaty with Eastern Armenia, and the European Peace Foundation intends to provide military aid to Armenia, says in Baku.

Baku also stated that "Against the background of revanchist sentiments in Yerevan, the openly pro-Armenian stance of Washington and Brussels can create a dangerous illusion in Eastern Armenia that the EU and the US will support Yerevan in possible provocations against Baku."