Baku Intends to Begin  Military Action

  • by Western Armenia, April 02, 2024 in Politics

The announcement of the EU observers was  unexpected for Baku, as their plan did not work. Baku has recently changed its strategy in the field of diplomacy. Before Baku The statements of the dictator of Baku were direct statements without hiding the bigotry towards the territories of Armenia, using the unofficial names and maps of the territories of Armenia, now they use rhetoric strategy with other tactics.

For several days, Baku has been announcing  that they have achieved  a historic period with Eastern Armenia,through various official ways when the signing of the peace treaty is near.

These announcements have names and those names  are Europe and the USA.The heaf of Baku  is trying to show that they are also interested in establishing peace in the region, but they are already start their acts  with another  steps. In the next step they start spreading a statement expressing concern about the alleged military movements taking place in Eastern Armenia,

With this statement, Baku is trying to show international partners as if they are in favor of peace, but

Eastern Armenia is not  as if carrying out  military operations  in the front line.

Baku is well aware that unilateral action will not be possible in case of border demarcation  therefore they try in any case, to bring everything to a military conflict.The international structures also understand this, and now they are doing everything to prevent military aggression, and the statement of the EU observers was a failure of the military operation at this stage.