Baku is going to present the map of Armenia  at the UN

  • by Western Armenia, June 04, 2024 in Politics

“Baku is actively preparing to use the 29th “UN Climate Change” Conference against Eastern Armenia. Said 

an  expert Tatev Hayrapetyan  in a conversation with Sputnik Armenia, analyzing information from Baku sources.

According to the expert, the environmental propaganda campaign will be carried out in two directions. it will be presented how Eastern Armenia has "illegally" exploited the natural resources of Arcakh, in the other case, it will be presented as the most polluting country in the region.

According to him, in the map they intend to  prepare, they emphasize that they will use the allegedly azerbaijani place names on our territories.

In other words, they will completely distort the geographical names of our state by translating them into different languages, distorting the facts and trying to make it part of the agenda.

Moreover, in addition to environmental and political problems, Baku is also trying to solve an economic problem in this way by creating artificial obstacles for Armenian economic facilities.